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 Stranded Colourwork Headband #knitting

Really enjoyed this project and love the final result. The Alice Starmore wool is gorgeous - neat, easy to work with, and really warm. The yarn’s mottled and encourages being held up to the light to get lost in the hues, beeeeautiful. I bought it for myself as a birthday present and it was well worth it and I still have plenty left over :)

I used Artesano alpaca for the lining as it’s one of my favourite brands and half the price of Orkney Angora. Lovely and soft on the ears.

This is my second colourwork project and I found it relatively easy…except unzipping the provisional stitches, picking up the open stitches, and joining them to the ones on your main needle. Yick. Not easy at all and very slow careful work. Probably didn’t help I started this bit at bedtime and was up to 2am finishing it off.

I wore this up the woods today, a really cold windy day, and it worked perfectly. Toasty warm ears!

Big thanks to Kate Davies for the free pattern.

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